26 May

Ishan Shivanand believes that, doing yoga can offer you a boost toward accomplishing the things you set out to do in life. It has the potential to assist you in connecting with the energy of the world and manifesting the things that you desire in your life. Changing the way that you think, which is typically a habit that works against you, is the essential step. My experience with yoga has instilled in me the importance of adhering to the KISS principle, which stands for "Keep It Simple, Stupid." Eight years of regular yoga practice passed before I became aware of the distinction.

The term "kundalini effect" refers to a phenomena that occurs when the intense energy of the sun and the "kundalini" energy, which is defined as the subtle energy that stimulates awareness, unite. The awakening of the kundalini, which results from the coming together of these two forces, clears away one's bad karma and sets the mind free. Yoga practitioners frequently report experiencing strong waves of happiness and enlightenment upon waking.

The KISS principle is a design theory that asserts that the most effective design is one that is straightforward and uncomplicated. Keep things simple, idiot! Kelly Johnson, in his role as head engineer at Lockheed Skunk Works, gave the designers at the company the directive to construct fighter aircraft with straightforward configurations. 

He contended that complicated designs would only make things more difficult and would ultimately wind up costing people their lives. In the long run, intricacy would be rendered irrelevant by the conditions of conflict. It is better to create something simple than something too difficult, according to the KISS principle, which derives from this idea and asserts that it is better to design something simple than something overly complicated, as a busy user is more likely to abandon it.

Ishan Shivanand’s opinion, many individuals are familiar with the Kundalini effect, which is associated with yoga and other forms of spiritual practice. The awakening of a person's Kundalini energy can bring about significant and dramatic shifts in their lives. Because of this, some people could start to fear that practicing Kundalini yoga is risky. This could not be further from the truth. This style of yoga is not only gentle but also incredibly effective, and it is full of love. In the 1970s, when Yogi Bhajan first brought this kind of yoga to the United States, it was at that time that it first began to acquire popularity. The majority of instructors of Kundalini yoga now dress in white boho attire.

When one meditates regularly, they significantly increase their chances of experiencing the Kundalini effect. Your "life force," also known as kundalini, is the source of the energy that flows through your body. This energy may be found in the bottom of your spine as well as the top of your head, which is the positive pole. When done correctly, you will be able to pull this energy up through the inner spine in a risk-free manner. However, you should exercise caution since excessive Kundalini activation might have deleterious consequences on your neural system.

The awakening of Kundalini that can occur via the practice of asana can have a variety of positive effects. Your nervous system may be strengthened by this more subtle kind of energy, helping you to respond more calmly and collectedly to stressful events. There is a possibility that you will feel a minor trembling when you are holding certain postures, such as the plank stance and the down dog pose. However, as your nervous system becomes stronger, you will feel this feeling less and less. In addition to this, the kundalini impact can facilitate the attainment of a more advanced state of awareness.

The Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) principle is a design tenet that stresses the significance of concentrating on one task at a time. This involves concentrating on the breath as you do yoga. Because the body and mind can only effectively concentrate on one subject at a time, it is imperative that they do so. If we attempt to hold two or three things in our minds at the same time, we will never be at peace with ourselves. In a similar vein, the practice of yoga is all about achieving a feeling of fullness and completion.

In the practice of meditation, the transfer of subtle energies that takes place during a kiss is referred to as the KISS principle. In most cases, one individual will experience a sexual response during the kiss, while the other will be influenced by negative energies. Negative energies have an effect on around thirty percent of the population on average, and these effects usually never get acknowledged. Learning to accept these energies and reclaiming our power are both goals that may be accomplished via the practice of meditation.

Ishan Shivanand pointed out that, the process of reawakening your fundamental life force, also known as ki and located at the base of your spine, is referred to as the "Kundalini effect" in yoga. There are many distinct spiritual traditions, and each one teaches a unique way to awaken your Kundalini. At the bottom of your spine is where many representations of Kundalini show a goddess or a snake. It is thought to include particular traits and may be manifested in a variety of ways; thus, moving the Kundalini through your chakras may be the key to experiencing its full potential and making use of the special qualities it is said to hold.

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